What's New

2014-08-06 Message from the Fund
Update on the Fund's long-term financial situation and on other key topics (August 2014). This note is currently available in English and in French. and in Spanish.
2014-05-23 Message from the CEO
Open Letter from the CEO 20 May 2014. This letter is available in English, French and Spanish.
2014-05-13 2013 Annual Statement
Annual Statements for 2013 have been made available online. You may log in to access. If you don't have a password, you will need to register.
2014-03-02 Updated version of the Regulations of the UNJSPF
An updated version of the Regulations of the UNJSPF is now available for your convenience.
2014-02-08 Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Policy
A new publication is now available: Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Policy. More info…
2014-02-06 Strategic Framework
A new publication is now available: Strategic Framework. More info…
2013-07-03 Annual Report 2013
The 2013 Annual Report is now available in English and French from the 'Annual Reports' page, as well as 'Publications and Documents' page.
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