Communiqué from the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board*

At the conclusion of the 63rd UN Joint Staff Pension Board meeting that took place at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria from the 14 - 22 July 2016; following seven days of presentations, considerations and debates the Board drafted the following statement for immediate release.

Vienna, Austria: 22 July 2016 - The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is in a sound financial position and has a positive actuarial status as confirmed by the Consulting Actuary and Committee of Actuaries. As at 21 July 2016 the assets of the Fund were valued at US$ 54.2 billion. The members of the Board want to reassure the participants, the retirees and the beneficiaries that the Fund is able to meet its pension and benefit payment obligations over the long term.

The Fund's investments adhere to the criteria of Safety, Liquidity, Convertibility, and Profitability as established by the UN General Assembly, and the long-term rate of return investment objective of the Fund is 3.5%. This criteria and rate ensure that the Fund is invested conservatively.

The Board recognized the adverse impact that the delayed payment of pension benefits is having on some new retirees. Aware of the multiple causes for these delays, the Board addressed the responsibility of the Fund, and supported measures introduced by the Fund to improve caseload processing and welcomed initiatives to strengthen client services and communications. The Board also took extraordinary measures, approving additional temporary resources and accepting that the Fund look into making provisional payments. The Board will continue to provide support to the management of the Fund and will inform stakeholders of developments as these delays are resolved.

The Board welcomed the establishment of the Fund's own financial rules along with the updated investment policy (which includes strategic asset allocation). In addition, the Board considered a range of matters related to the Fund's administration, investments, and oversight.

The Board recognizes and supports the efforts and dedication of the Fund's management and staff who fulfil, on a daily basis, a complex mandate, serving over 126,000 participants and some 71,000 retirees and beneficiaries.

The Board is confident that the Fund is safe and that the Fund's future is secure. The Board will meet again in July 2017.

* The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board administers the Fund and is composed of three constituent groups representing Participants, Governing Bodies and the Executive Heads with participation of representatives of the Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants and observers. There are numerous checks and balances built into the governance of the Fund, including audits by internal and external auditors and the Board's Audit Committee.
Integrated Pension Administration System (IPAS)
Update as of 30 June 2016

  • The 10-year monthly average for the Fund using the old system (PENSYS) was 873 per month. As this graph demonstrates in March, May and June of this year the Fund reached the highest numbers ever since it was established in 1949.
  • Since 3 August 2015, the Fund has processed 11,190 cases, this includes withdraws, deferments and retirement with various entitlements.
  • More remains to be done. The Joint Staff Pension Fund staff work long hours, overtime budgets are being depleted for support staff, and task forces built earlier this year are being supplemented to address a continuing increase of retirees. June numbers (number of cases that arrived in June, number processed in June and number of outstanding cases that need to be processed) will be posted next week.

  • For more detailed information, simply click here or on the graph.

    Please visit the General Information page by clicking here to obtain relevant information about the UNJSPF.

Welcome, Beneficiary!

CEs to be mailed this month

Please note that, as communicated to all retirees and other beneficiaries in October 2015, the Fund decided to reset its CE cycle to start in May. This would enable the Fund to complete the full CE exercise in the same calendar year, thereby improving the process by better balancing workloads and further streamlining our activities overall. The CEs are being prepared and printed and will be mailed before the end of May. Click here for more information

CE Tracking System

Every year, the Fund sends a document called Certificate of Entitlement to all beneficiaries. This document has to be signed and returned to the Fund. You may now find out if we have received yours using our CE Tracking System. You will need to ask for a Personal Identification Number in order to log into the secure site.

Cost of Living Notification 

The Fund is experiencing continuing difficulties with the mailing of COL notifications, on a timely basis, due to interruption of mailing services requested of the UN Headquarters. Please be advised that the Fund is making every effort to remedy this situation considering the important nature of this information. Thank you for your understanding.

Two-Track Estimate System

You may receive an estimate of your benefits under the Two-Track Adjustment System online. The system allows you to choose a prospective country of residence and effective date. In order to access it, you will need to request Personal Identification Number for secure access.

Annual Letter of the Fund

Every January, the Fund sends a letter to all participants and beneficiaries worldwide. The letter contains an overview of activities and decisions made by various bodies during the prior year. This letter is available here in electronic form or more...

Emergency Fund

An Emergency Fund was established to help retirees and other beneficiaries alleviate financial hardships due to illness, infirmities of old age, or similar causes, which may arise for recipients of small pensions, by providing aid in individual cases of proven emergency, more...


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