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2015-04-11 Important message from the Pension Fund
"None of the allegations that have appeared in the press or elsewhere constitutes financial fraud" - email from USG of OIOS dated 9 April 2015 to AFICS/NY Governing Board members. Please click here!
2015-04-09 To the attention of all clients of the Pension Fund's (UNJSPF) New York Office
Please note that for mandatory training purposes, the NY UNJSPF Client Services Unit will exceptionally be closed at the following dates and times:
APRIL 2015
•Monday, 27 April - as of 12:00PM,
•Wednesday, 29 April - as of 12:00PM,
•Thursday, 30 April - as of 12:00PM.
MAY 2015
•Monday, 04 May - 09:00AM till 02:00PM,
•Tuesday, 05 May - 09:00AM till 12:00PM,
•Wednesday, 06 May - as of 12:00PM.
Kindly schedule your walk-in visits and telephone calls accordingly. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
2015-03-30 Message from the CEO
The CEO's Letter to participants, retirees and beneficiaries in response to malicious campaign against the Fund's management is available here.
2015-03-03 2015 Annual Letter
The Fund's 2015 Annual Letter is currently available in English for now.
2015-02-03 Second mailing of the 2014 Certificates of Entitlement (CE)
A second bar-coded CE was dispatched during the first week of February to all those beneficiaries for whom the Fund's CE tracker had not recorded a returned (bar-coded) 2014 CE by 31st January 2015. More info…
2014-08-06 Message from the Fund
Update on the Fund's long-term financial situation and on other key topics (August 2014). This note is currently available in English and in French. and in Spanish.
2014-05-23 Message from the CEO
Open Letter from the CEO 20 May 2014. This letter is available in English, French and Spanish.
2014-03-02 Updated version of the Regulations of the UNJSPF
An updated version of the Regulations of the UNJSPF is now available for your convenience.
2014-02-08 Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Policy
A new publication is now available: Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Policy. More info…
2014-02-06 Strategic Framework
A new publication is now available: Strategic Framework. More info…
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