Integrated Pension Administration System (IPAS)
Update as of 30 April 2016

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Welcome, New Participants!

Important Deadlines

You may be eligible for restoration, validation and/or a transfer, which would add to your contributory service and thus to your benefit entitlement. There are, however, important and very strict deadlines that apply.
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Welcome, Participants!

Benefit Estimate System

You may receive an estimate of your benefits online. The system allows you to choose any valid separation date. It also allows you to perform the benefit calculation using a Lump-Sum amount of your choice, as well as different Pensionable Remuneration dates.

Annual Statement Online

Access your Annual Statement online! Beginning with your 2003 Annual Statement, you may access your statements by logging into our secure system. Before you can access the system, you need to register, using your Pension Number and some personal information.

Publications and Documents

In addition to the official publications, you can find the brochures from the new series 'Livrets Thématiques', which contain easy-to-follow answers to the most commonly asked questions. They are presented in PDF format. more...
Latest News
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