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The actuarial valuation of the Fund, performed by the consulting actuary, as of 31 December 2015, revealed a surplus of 0.16 per cent of pensionable remuneration (PR). This represents an improvement from the decifit of 0.72 per cent of PR as 31 December 2013. Furthermore, the current valuation result continues the positive trend since the 31 December 2011 actuarial valuation. The Fund is one of the very few well funded defined benefit plans in the world! Downward trend was reversed and governance strengthened..


periodic benefits awarded from 2002 until 2016. The number at 2016 was 74,665. Number of "Benefits Established" by month in the new UN Integrated Pension Administration System (IPAS) from August 2015 until January 2017 graphic Market Value of Assets as of 31 december 2016, YTD nominal return: 5.05%. The real investment return in 2016 was 2.9%.

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