Annex I: Administrative Rules of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund


(a) The Board has, in terms of article 4(b) of the Regulations, made these Administrative Rules, which enter into force and supersede all previous Rules with effect from 1 January 2020.

(b) The Board, or the Standing Committee on its behalf, may amend these Rules from time to time as it deems desirable, and shall interpret them to the extent required to give effect thereto.

(c) In accordance with article 1 of the Regulations, the terms defined in that article shall bear the same meaning where they appear in these Rules.

(d) “Dependent”, for the purpose of article 1(s) of the Regulations, shall mean in receipt of financial support from the participant in an amount sufficient to meet the financial criteria established for payment of a secondary dependant’s allowance under the staff regulations and rules of the member organization by which the participant was employed immediately prior to separation or death in service, whether or not such allowance was in fact payable.

(e) “In the name of the United Nations”, for the purpose of article 18 of the Regulations, shall include the holding of assets in the name of a nominee or nominees of custodians for the United Nations.

(f) “Part‑time employment”, for the purpose of supplementary article A of the Regula­tions, shall mean employment under conditions requiring attendance for duty during at least half the normal weekly working hours prescribed by the member organization for the duty station at which the employment takes place.

(g) “Commencement or recommencement of participation” within the meaning of article 1 (n) (normal retirement age) refers to participation, or a new participation, in the Fund under article 21 of the Regulations and Section B of the Administrative Rules. The normal retirement age is determined by the date the participant began his or her contributory service as a participant with the Fund, regardless of the effective date of his or her appointment with his or her employing organization. Therefore, if a staff member is appointed by a member organization of the Pension Fund before 1 January 1990 or 1 January 2014, as applicable, but his or her participation in the Fund under the Regulations of the Fund only commences or re-commences on or after 1 January 1990 but before 1 January 2014, or on or after 1 January 2014, the normal retirement age of the participant is 62 or 65, respectively. Validation of prior non-contributory service under article 23, and/or restoration of prior contributory service under article 24 does not change the date of participation in the Fund and, therefore, does not alter the normal retirement age of the participant.


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