Appendix 8: Responsabilities of Members of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board

Pension Board Members shall, in this capacity, inter alia:


a) Contribute to the work of the Board in the interest of ensuring proper governance of the Fund, and abide by Board decisions;

b) Act in the best interest of the Fund and its sustainability;

c) Not seek to personally benefit from the Fund;

d) Acquaint themselves with the Regulations and Rules governing the Pension Fund and the broader legislative framework;

e) Acquaint themselves with the financial principles related to the Fund and the investment of its assets;

f) Contribute to the administration of the Fund in accordance with the Regulations, and with the Administrative Rules, including the Financial Rules for the operation of the Fund in accordance with article 4 (b) of the Fund’s Regulations, and in an impartial, prudent, responsible and honest manner;

g) Observe the highest ethical standards and act to prevent any potential or actual conflict of interest;

h) Not seek employment in the secretariat of the Fund or the Office of Investment Management within a period of one year after the end of their term on the Board or upon resignation from the Board;

i) Respect diversity and act in a spirit of dialogue.




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