Appendix 9: Terms of Reference for the Chair of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board

In addition to exercising the powers conferred upon him or her under these Regulations and Rules, the Chair shall have the following powers:


a)During the Board session, the Chair shall inter alia:

(i) Declare the opening and closing of the session;

(ii) Direct the discussion;

(iii) Whenever necessary, take such steps as may be required to facilitate reaching consensus among Board Members, especially on important or controversial issues;

(iv) Ensure the observance of the Pension Fund Regulations and Rules;

(v) Accord the right to speak, rule on points of order, put questions to the vote;

(vi) Announce decisions of the Board.

b) In between Board sessions, in coordination with the members of the Bureau, the Chair shall inter alia:

(i) Present the report of the Board to the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions and the Fifth Committee;

(ii) Liaise with the Chairs of the committees and the working groups of the Board regarding the status of their work programmes;

(iii) Liaise and consult regularly with the Secretary of the Board on issues of an administrative and organizational nature for the preparation and conduct of Board sessions;

(iv) Liaise with the Chief Executive of Pension Administration;

(v) Keep the Board members informed of their activities and any developments.

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