Attention Retirees and Beneficiaries Using Russian Banks: Suspension of Payments into and through Russian Banks

Due to the sanction by the United States Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC), and suspension from the SWIFT platform on Russian banks (e.g., all banks in Russia and subsidiaries of Russian banks in other countries), international wire transfers into and through Russian banks are not allowed.

In view of this, the Fund will put a temporary hold on all payments into and through Russian banks effective with the March 2022 benefit payment. The Fund is exploring alternative payment channels and will provide updates on its website once new information becomes available.

For beneficiaries who have bank accounts in their name located outside of Russia and wish to receive their pension payments into that account, please submit payment instructions to the Fund so that we may update your records and remit the funds accordingly.

To update your payment instructions, please complete the form PF.23 and return it to the Fund with your official ID and bank document.  If you are registered with Member Self-Service (MSS), please upload the completed form to MSS.  If you are unable to send it via MSS, you must mail the original form bearing your original ink signature to the corresponding address below: