Benefit Comparison Charts

This page is designed to explain the differences between a Retirement Benefit, an Early Retirement Benefit, a Deferred Retirement Benefit, or a Withdrawal Settlement. It also explains the option and conditions under Article 32 to NOT make a benefit election/request payment at the time of separation, but to request the ‘freeze’ of ones holdings in the Fund (i.e. the deferment of benefit election/payment) for up to 36 months from the date of separation.

To access the downloadable charts with the related information please select the links below or scroll down…

To get a concrete idea of your benefit options and estimated amounts, please use the Benefit Estimate Tool which you can access inside your UNJSPF Member Self-Service.

Benefit Eligibility Chart

This is a one page summary chart, explaining the different benefit election options available under the Fund’s Regulations and Rules and the related eligibility criteria (i.e. length of contributory service & age at the date of separation from service).

Benefit Comparison Chart

This is a multi page chart, explaining in more detail the key conditions attached to each of the benefits provided in the chart.

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