Who will receive the 2019 CE form and when?

The 2019 Certificates of Entitlement (CE), dated 31 May 2019, were dispatched to the Fund’s beneficiaries worldwide at the very end of the month of May and during the first days of June 2019, provided their benefit was in payment during the six months prior to 01 May 2019. 
Most retirees and beneficiaries can also access their 2019 CE inside their Member Self Service (MSS) under the DOCUMENTS tab. 

  • What action is required from you with regard to the annual CE Exercise?

Each person included in the annual CE Exercise, must complete their barcoded Certificate of Entitlement (CE) with the date and their original signature that must match their signature on file with the Fund. The Fund uses the CE to verify the signature affixed on the CE form, to confirm the continuing eligibility of retirees and beneficiaries to the benefits they are receiving. The duly completed CE with the retiree’s/beneficiary’s original signature/thumbprint must be returned to the Fund as soon as possible and no later than 31 December 2019 to avoid the risk of a benefit suspension.

Please refer to the Q+A section at the end of the page, for detailed explanations regarding general signature/thumbprint requirements and requirements for cases where due to the passage of time or due to health reasons the retiree’s/beneficiary’s signature on the CE form differs notably from the original signature the Fund has on file.

  • Who will NOT receive a 2019 CE?

Note that those retirees/beneficiaries whose benefit was NOT in payment during the six months prior to 01 May 2019 (i.e. if payment of your regular monthly payments started AFTER 01 November 2018) will not receive a 2019 CE. In these cases, no action is required from you for the 2019 CE Exercise. In that case, you will start receiving CEs only as of the next upcoming CE exercise which will begin at the very end of May 2019.

You will also NOT receive a 2019 CE form, if your regular monthly benefit was suspended effective with the May 2019 payroll due to CE reasons. In that case, if you haven’t yet contacted the Fund in this regard, please send an email to the following email address: paymentstopped@unjspf.org to alert the Fund to your issue; in that case please refer to the Fund’s URGENT ASSISTANCE page for detailed guidance on the information that must be provided in the text of your email so that the Fund can most efficiently assist you.

Most retirees and beneficiaries can now also access their annual CE online, inside their UNJSPF Member Self Service (MSS):

All retirees and beneficiaries, whose benefit is NOT paid on the Two-Track, have the option to view and print their barcoded 2019 CE form inside their Member Self Service (MSS) under the DOCUMENTS tab. This barcoded CE form is referred to as the “MSS CE” and is a valid CE form. To access or register for MSS, please follow the instructions provided on the MSS web page.

Should you choose to print the MSS CE form, please note that the physical form carrying your original signature and the signature date in blue ink must be mailed back to the Fund (see below for more detailed information about the Fund’s addresses). If you choose to return the MSS CE to the Fund, there is no need to also return the CE form that the Fund mailed to you, as only one duly dated and signed barcoded annual CE form needs to be returned to the Fund to comply with the annual CE Exercise requirements. The Fund does NOT accept copies of the CE form.

If your benefit is paid on the Two Track, you will not be able to view and download an online 2019 CE form from MSS. In line with audit requirements, the CE form for a retiree or beneficiary on the Two Track must be addressed by postal mail only to their current official mailing address on file with the Fund; this process serves as a verification that you continue to reside in the country of residence declared for two track purposes.

  • What is the final deadline to submit the duly signed and completed 2019 CE?

It is extremely important that retirees/beneficiaries sign and complete the barcoded 2019 CE (either the CE form received with the 1st or 2nd UNJSPF Mailing, or the one printed from MSS) and return it to the UNJSPF as soon as possible upon receipt of the CE form. If no duly completed barcoded 2019 CE has reached the Fund by 31 December 2019, the subsequent benefit payment may be suspended. In that case, your benefit would be reinstated retroactively upon receipt by the Fund of the necessary and duly completed documentation.
Should you receive multiple CEs for the same annual CE Exercise, please note that for as long as ONE original, duly dated and signed CE was returned to the Fund for the given CE Exercise, and the signature on the form is acceptable to the Fund, all is in good order for the uninterrupted payment of your benefit.

  • Where should I send my duly completed, dated and signed original CE form? – The UNJSPF Contact Addresses in New York and Geneva:

The original form must be returned to the UNJSPF, either in New York or Geneva. You can return your CE form to the UNJSPF address that best suits your geographical situation, i.e. either to the Fund’s New York or Geneva office. Note that the applicable UNJSPF address will also depend on whether you return your CE form by postal mail, pouch or special courier. The Fund does NOT accept copies of the CE form.

The Fund’s addresses and related details are provided on the CONTACT US page.

  • What should you do in case you did not receive the May 2019 or September 2019 UNJSPF mailing of the 2019 CE AND you cannot access your 2019 CE in MSS?

Should you NOT have received the 2019 CE by the end of October 2019, AND you cannot access your annual CE in the Fund’s Member Self Service (MSS), then we suggest you send a letter to the Fund, carrying your names, your official address, your Unique ID (UID) or/and retirement number(s), the date and your ORIGINAL signature; it must also include the subject line: “Non-receipt of the 2019 CE. Once received by the Fund, such letter would be scanned to your file to alert the Fund of the situation and to allow the Fund to take action to prevent a potential future suspension in case of non-receipt of your CE by end of December 2019.

  • How can you check that your “barcoded” 2019 CE has been received by the Fund? – The MSS CE Tracking Tool:

Once you have returned the dated and signed barcoded 2019 CE to the Fund (either the one mailed to you OR the MSS CE, as only one duly dated and signed barcoded 2019 CE form needs to be returned to the Fund) you can track its receipt by the Fund online, in the “Proof Documents” tab in the MSS portal. Please allow for at least four to six weeks before checking CE receipt in MSS, given the huge volume of returned CEs and the work involved for the Fund. If your 2019 CE is not yet listed, check again a couple of weeks later, as the Fund continuously updates its records. For more detailed information about this tracking process, please see below.
All CEs included in the first or second 2019 CE mailings or available in MSS, are overprinted with the relevant information (the CE mailing date, the beneficiary’s first and family names, nine-digit Unique ID (UID) number, benefit type, etc.) and are barcoded to facilitate their tracking by the Fund. Please be aware, only the original barcoded CEs of the first or second official mailings or printed from MSS can be tracked (NOT copies).

A CE tracking feature is available on the Fund’s official website inside “Member Self-Service (MSS)”. This CE Tracking system in MSS enables beneficiaries to find out whether their barcoded CE was received by the Fund and at which date it was scanned. Access to this feature requires you to register for MSS through our website. The Fund encourages you to use this tracking feature, which is easy and effective, and can be accessed through this link. By following this link you will be guided to the MSS Home Page, where you can either register for MSS access, or, log into MSS if you already registered. Please note that for MSS registration your nine-digit UID number is required (in case you do not know your UID, you can contact the Fund requestUIDonly@unjspf.org, providing in the text of your email your full name; your last employing organization before separation from service; your last duty station; your former five-digit alphanumeric retirement number).

It is very important that YOUR OFFICIAL MAILING ADDRESS is always up to date in your UNJSPF records:
One of the main reasons some retirees and beneficiaries do not receive their annual CE is that they omitted to inform the Fund of changes in their official mailing address. It is important that your official mailing address is up to date in the Fund’s records so that the Fund’s mail reaches you. Please note that in case you change your official mailing address permanently, you can update your address online in your Member Self Service (MSS) under the ADDRESS tab, provided you are NOT paid on the two track and provided your former and/or new address/es is/are NOT an official pouch address.
In case you cannot update your address online in MSS, please download form PF23/M from MSS, under the FORMS tab (where the form would be available pre-completed with your name and UID), or from the Fund’s website, and return the duly completed, dated and signed original form to the Fund, so we can update your address on your behalf.
Or, in case you cannot download form PF23/M from the Fund’s website, you must send us a letter with your names, your Unique ID (UID) or/and retirement number(s), your new official address, the date, and your official ORIGINAL signature. The Fund will implement a change in mailing address only upon receipt of the ORIGINAL form PF23/M or letter; we do not accept to make changes based on emails or faxes.

Your cooperation in this important exercise is greatly appreciated.