Committee of Actuaries

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In accordance with Article 9 of the Fund’s Regulations, a Committee of Actuaries was created to provide advice to the Pension Board on actuarial matters arising from the operation of the Fund. This includes consideration of the assumptions used in the biennial actuarial valuation of the Fund, review of the actuarial valuation results and consideration, advice, and recommendations regarding pension benefit design. The Committee consists of 5 regular members and 3 Ad Hoc members, representing the 5 regions around the world. Committee members are approved by the Pension Board and appointed by the Secretary-General and serve 3 or 2 year terms for Regular and Ad Hoc members, respectively. Committee members may not serve longer than 15 years.

Membership of the UNJSPB Actuarial Committee :

Regular Members:

Mr. Bernard K.Y.S. Yen
Term: 2019 – 2021
Territory: African States

Mr. Denis Latulippe
Term: 2019 – 2021
Territory: Western Europe and Other States

Mr. Tibor András Párniczky
Term: 2020-2022
Territory: Eastern European States

Ms. Adriana Scardino Devoto
Term: 2020-2022
Territory: Latin America and the Caribbean

Mr. Seiichi Inagaki
Term: 2021 – 2023
Territory: Asian States

Ad Hoc Members:

Ms. Assia Billig
Term: 2020-2021
Territory: Western Europe and Other States

Mr. Roland Schmid
Term: 2021-2022
Territory: Western Europe and Other States

Ms. Rosemary Nantambi-Amiri
Term: 2020 – 2021
Territory: African States