Staff Pension Committees

Under the overall authority of the United Nations General Assembly and pursuant to Article 4 of the UNJSPF Regulations, the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF or the Fund) is administered by the Pension Board, a Staff Pension Committee (SPC) for each member organization and a secretariat to each such committee. In accordance with Article 8 of the Regulations, the Secretariat of the Board shall serve as the secretariat of the United Nations Staff Pension Committee. Other SPC Secretaries are appointed by the chief administrative officer of each member organization on the recommendation of the respective SPC.

Among its functions, by delegation from the Standing Committee, the staff pension committee in each member organization has the power to determine incapacity for the purpose of award of disability benefits.  Each Committee is composed of an equal number of members representing (i) the Governing Body, (ii) the chief administrative officer and (iii) the participants in service.

See the Terms of reference of the Staff Pension Committees (SPCs) and their Secretaries



E-mail Addresses of Staff Pension Committee Secretariat for Each of the 24 Member Organizations

United Nations Ms. D. Mapondera (focal point)
CTBTO Ms. Sanchia Gordon Hall
EPPO Mr. M. Ward
FAO and WFP Ms. K. Guseynova
IAEA Ms. R. Sabat
ICGEB Ms. F. Misiti
ICCROM Ms. S. Janowski
ICAO Ms. S. Valla
ICC Mr. E. Gouws
IFAD Ms. L. Orebi
ILO Ms. C. McGarry
IMO Mr. A. Barbato
IOM Ms. A. Verhas
ISA Ms. N. Onyedim
ITU Ms. M. Wilson
ITLOS Mr. K.K. Gaba
IPU Ms. A. Lorber-Wilis
STL Ms. M. Kashou
UNESCO Mr. I. Welter
UNIDO Mr. R. Dotzauer
WHO Ms. B. Sperandio de Llull
WIPO Ms. Marie-Sylvie Zinzindohoué
WMO Mr. M. Buch
UNWTO Mr. B. Slevin

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