Your Pension Data Security

The Fund takes information security seriously and has dedicated staff overseeing and maintaining the information management systems and all of the Fund’s external and internal processes. The Fund is ISO 27001 compliant, and has more than 100 controls regulating all aspects of the Fund’s software and hardware, from cryptography to asset management. The Rules and Regulations of the Fund and the Information Security Policy emphasize and define how confidential data must be treated, how information is to be protected and what measure must be taken to guarantee business continuity if there is a disaster.

The security of your personal information is always a priority at UNJSPF. The Fund works hard to secure your personal information.

Please be aware that fraud can come in many different forms. Examine carefully e-mails asking for personal information or e-mails containing instructions on how to receive “unclaimed” benefits. Although these e-mails might seem to be legitimate and originate from the United Nations, they do not.

Reminder: UNJPSF will never send or ask for personal information such as account numbers, PIN or passwords via e-mail or text messages.

If you think you’ve received a fraudulent e-mail, and you want confirmation please forward it to: Digital Security

The Fund will examine the mail and report back to you.

The following are examples of e-mails that have been reported in the past. Have a look to see what type of message you could receive.