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The 2nd mailing of the barcoded 2018 Certificates of Entitlement (CE) was dispatched by the Fund at the end of September 2018. While most signed 2018 CEs have been returned to the Fund, some are still outstanding. Please note that your duly dated and signed original 2018 CE must be received by the Fund no later than end of December 2018. If you have not received your 2018 CE by now, please urgently take the following action: access your UNJSPF Member Self Service (MSS) https://www.unjspf.org/member-self-service/ to check whether you can access and print your 2018 MSS CE under the DOCUMENTS tab and if so return the signed and dated original CE to the Fund; OR, send a letter to the Fund carrying your name, your official address, your Unique ID (UID) or/and retirement number(s), the date and your ORIGINAL signature; such letter must also include the subject line: “Non-receipt of the 2018 CE”. Once received by the Fund, such letter would be scanned to your file to alert the Fund of the situation and to allow the Fund to take action to prevent a potential future suspension in case of non-receipt of your CE by end of December 2018.

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