Membership of the Board and attendance at the sixty-fourth session

1. The following members and alternate members were accredited by the staff pension committees of the member organizations of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure

United Nations

Representing Members Alternates
General Assembly D. Chumakov H.Kozaki
General Assembly V. M. González Posse L. Mazemo
General Assembly P. R. O. Owade Md. M. Rahman
General Assembly T. Repasch J. Stosberg
Secretary-General Y. Takasu W. Sumitro
Secretary-General B. Bartsiotas K. Alford
Secretary-General C. Wainaina
Secretary-General D. Thatchaichawalit
Participants A. K. Lakhanpala
Participants C. Monier
Participants A. O. Adeniyi


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Governing body S. Ellinas
Executive head F. A. Yegletu A. Vanhoutte
Participants A. Rovira


World Health Organizations

Governing body M. Tailhades
Executive head C. Hennetier Rossierb J. Kobza
Participants K. Bruchmannc H. Willmann


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations

Governing body G. I. Godia
Executive head A. Yli-Hietanen


 International Labour Organization

Participants S. Koufane


International Atomic Energy Agency

Participants I. Zabaar M. Kohl


United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Participants G. Boldt (18-22 July) K. Lisengard (21-22 July)


International Civil Aviation Organization

L. Azzouni-Gerold (14-15 July)


World Intellectual Property Organization

Governing body V. Yossifov
Executive head T. Dayer
Governing body D. Mendez
Executive head R. Bhalla K. Balram


International Telecommunication Union

Participants P. Ransome O. Osmani


World Meteorological Organization

Executive Head S. Liu


International Maritime Organization

Participants S-J Kim B. Moradi


International Fund for Agricultural Development

Governing body M. Rampedi

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