Our locations

The Fund has offices in New York (United States) and Geneva (Switzerland) as well as a liaison office in Nairobi (Kenya) and in Bangkok (Thailand).

New York and Geneva offices

The Client Services teams in Geneva (CSGVA) and New York (CSNY) are the main CS offices processing all CS-managed work and providing outreach to clients worldwide. The GVA and NY CS teams of pension experts are trained to handle queries relating to all areas of the Fund, guiding participants on their participation related queries and decisions, including for breaks in service, part-time work, SLWOP, personal status changes, providing consultations pre-separation on all pension-related matters and explaining the pension adjustment system and its two-track feature. The teams are also in charge of the generation and verification of various estimates, providing statements and certificates of benefit, dealing with requests relating to Validation and Restoration or Transfer of pension rights, reviewing Legal Guardianship cases and requests for Emergency Fund assistance, as well as handling tasks related to the application of the Two-Track system. The teams are directly involved in the yearlong Certificate of Entitlement (CE) exercise, such as CE pre-suspension review and follow up, reinstatement review and decision, pre-forfeiture review and follow up. 

Liason Offices

The Liaison Offices in Bangkok and Nairobi provide client services to participants and beneficiaries in the location as well as the surrounding regions, liaise with representatives of member organizations locally to keep each other mutually informed of pension relevant matters and are in charge of regional outreach to participants and beneficiaries. They are a presence of the Fund in the region, ensuring that UNJSPF clients have easier and more direct access to pension advice and support locally. These offices, while they do not hold any ‘processing’ responsibilities, support the CS teams by ensuring appropriate and timely case escalation to the appropriate teams in the Fund, so that clients in the regions receive timely advice, support and replies.

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