Article 21: Participation

(a) Every full-time member of the staff of each member organization shall become a participant in the Fund:

(i) Upon commencing employment under an appointment for six months or longer or upon accepting such an appointment while in employment; or,
(ii) Upon completing, in the same or more than one member organization, six months of service without an interruption of more than thirty days, whichever is earlier, provided that participation is not expressly excluded by the terms of staff member’s appointment.

(b) Participation shall cease when the organization by which the participant is employed ceases to be a member organization, or when he or she dies or separates from such member organization, except that participation shall not be deemed to have ceased where a participant resumes contributory service with a member organization within 36 months after separation without a benefit having been paid.

(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of (b) above, a participant is deemed to have separated when he or she has completed (i) a consecutive period of three years on leave without pay without concurrent contributions having been paid in accordance with article 25(b). To re-enter the Fund, such former participant would have to satisfy the requirements for participation set out in (a) above.

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