(a) A deferred retirement benefit shall be payable to a participant whose age on separation is less than the normal retirement age and whose contributory service was five years or longer.

(b) The benefit shall be payable at the standard annual rate for a retirement benefit and shall commence at the normal retirement age, or, if the participant so elects, at any time once the participant becomes eligible to receive an early retirement benefit from the Fund, provided that in such event it
shall be reduced in the same manner and under the same conditions as specified in article 29.

(c) The benefit may only be commuted by the participant into a lump sum if the rate of the benefit at the normal retirement age is less than 1000 dollars. Such commutation shall be equivalent to the full actuarial value of the benefit.

(d) The child’s benefit under article 36 shall not be payable to a participant in receipt of a deferred retirement benefit.

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