(a) Any divorced spouse of a participant or former participant, separated on or after 1 April 1999, who was entitled to a retirement, early retirement, deferred retirement or disability benefit, or of a participant who died in service on or after that date, may, subject to the provisions of article 34(b) (applicable also to widowers), request a former spouse’s benefit, if the conditions specified in paragraph (b) below are fulfilled.

(b) Subject to paragraph (d) below, the divorced spouse is entitled to the benefit set out in paragraph (c) below, payable prospectively following receipt of the request for a divorced surviving spouse’s benefit, if, in the opinion of the Chief Executive of Pension Administration, all of the following conditions are fulfilled:

(i) The participant had been married to the former spouse for a continuous period of at least ten years, during which contributions were paid to the Fund on account of the participant or the participant was awarded a disability benefit under article 33 of the Regulations;

(ii) The participant’s death occurred within 15 years of the date when the divorce became final, unless the former spouse proves that at the time of death the participant was under a legal obligation to pay maintenance to the former spouse;

(iii) The former spouse has reached the age of 40. Otherwise the benefit entitlement shall commence on the day immediately following the day that age is reached; and

(iv) Evidence is provided that a divorce settlement does not have an express renouncement of UNJSPF pension benefit entitlements;

(c) A former spouse who, in the opinion of the Chief Executive of Pension Administration, has met the conditions set out in paragraph (b) above shall be entitled to the widow’s or widower’s benefit under article 34 or 35 as the case may be; however, if the participant is survived by both one or more such former spouses and/or by a spouse entitled to a benefit under article 34 or 35, the benefit payable under article 34 or 35 shall be divided between the spouse and former spouse(s) in proportion to the duration of their marriages to the participant.

(d) Article 34(f) and (g) shall apply mutatis mutandis.

(e) The divorced spouse of a former participant who separated before 1 April 1999 and, in the opinion of the Chief Executive of Pension Administration, met all the other eligibility conditions in paragraphs (a) and (b) above shall be entitled to a benefit equal to twice the minimum surviving spouse’s benefit under article 34(c), payable as of 1 April 1999 or from the first day of the month succeeding the death of the former participant, whichever is later, subject to the proviso that the amount of such benefit cannot exceed the amount payable to a surviving spouse of the former participant.

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