(a) A former participant receiving a periodic benefit may elect to provide a periodic benefit for life in a specified amount (subject to paragraph (b) below) to a spouse who was not married to him or her at the date of separation. Such election shall be made within one year of the date of marriage and shall become effective 18 months after the date of marriage. The benefit shall be payable as of the first day of the month following the death of the former participant. When the election becomes effective, the benefit payable to the former participant shall be reduced in accordance with actuarial factors to be determined by the Fund’s Consulting Actuary. An election under this subsection may not be revoked after it becomes effective, except by an explicit request in writing by the former UNJSPF retiree who has divorced the new spouse or by the death of the spouse, in which case it will be considered terminated as from that date. The UNJSPF retiree may rescind his or her decision to provide a periodic benefit for life to a spouse married after separation by providing the Fund with a final divorce decree issued by a competent national court. Payments made for the annuity before such a cancellation will not be refunded to a UNJSPF retiree, neither do such payments convey to the divorced spouse a benefit entitlement from the Fund.

(b) Any election made under paragraph (a) shall be subject to the following:

(i) The amount of the periodic benefit payable to the former participant, after reduction owing to elections made pursuant to paragraph (a) above, shall be at least one half of the benefit that would have been payable without any such elections; and

(ii) The amount of the benefit payable to the spouse shall not be larger than the amount of the benefit payable to the retired participant after reduction for the elections.

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