Retirees and beneficiaries in Russia: update on pension payments into/through Russian banks

As an update to our initial announcement of 4 March 2022 regarding the suspension of payment into and through Russian banks. The Fund has secured a new payment channel to remit monthly US dollar pension payments through the UN Treasury. This new channel is expected to be implemented by the April 2022 benefit payment. With the establishment of the new channel, the Fund will be able to reinstate monthly pension benefits and reissue March 2022 benefits for concerned retirees and beneficiaries. Therefore, if you are being paid in US dollars, no action is needed on your part at this time.

If you are being paid in euro, you need to open a US dollar bank account in your name, and once it is done, please complete the form PF.23 and return it to the Fund with your official ID and bank document. If you are enrolled in Member Self-Service (MSS), please upload the completed form in MSS. If you are unable to upload it in MSS, you must mail the original form bearing your original ink signature to the corresponding address below: