The Annual Letter 2020 is now available


Each year the Fund publishes an annual letter to provide participants and retirees/beneficiaries a summary of important developments from the past year, as well as useful information about the Fund.

The 2020 Annual Letter has just been published and can be found here.

It includes a foreword from Ms. Rosemarie McClean, Chief Executive of Pension Administration, key facts and figures on the Fund and its operations, an overview of the latest actuarial valuation and the 2019 financial statements, the amendments to the Regulations and Rules effective from 1 January 2020, and the outcome of the 67th Pension Board held in July 2020.

The dedicated section for retirees and beneficiaries starts on page 10 and contains information regarding the annual certificate of entitlement and related COVID-19 updates and arrangements, after service health insurance, cost of living adjustments to the dollar-track, as well as information about retirees and beneficiaries’ associations.

A section for participants starts on page 18 and includes information regarding validation, restoration, transfer of pension rights, the separation process, as well as COVID-19 special arrangements.