Kenyan Toll-Free number

We are aware of the issue affecting the Kenya toll-free number and we are working on it.

Toll-Free and Local Numbers

Call Center Team in NY


The Fund is pleased to announce the launch of an initiative to establish Toll-Free and Local Numbers to directly connect callers to its Call Center. These numbers are now available in the following countries from 7am to 7pm (NY Time):

ARGENTINA 08006661985 Toll-Free
AUSTRALIA 1800986631 Toll-Free
AUSTRIA 0800100485 Toll-Free
BANGLADESH 8809610998424 Toll-Free
Flag of Belgium BELGIUM 080058539 Toll-Free
Flag of Benin BENIN 22961509856 Local Number
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 38770311081 Local Number
Brazil Flag BRAZIL 0800-724-8292 Toll-Free
BULGARIA 080011044 Toll-Free
BURKINA FASO 22625300984 Local Number
Cameroon Flag CAMEROON 237697777888 Local Number
Canada Flag CANADA 1-833-817-5824 Toll-Free
Chile Flag CHILE 12300204643 Toll-Free
Flag of China CHINA 861056971367 Local Number
CROATIA 3858007374 Toll-Free
Colombia Flag COLOMBIA 018005183130 Toll-Free
COSTA RICA 50625397676 Local Number
COTE D’IVOIRE 22522468995 Local Number
Flag of Cyprus CYPRUS 35780080804 Toll-Free
CZECH REPUBLIC 800022965 Toll-Free
Denmark Flag DENMARK 80400313 Toll-Free
ECUADOR 1800000992 Toll-Free
EGYPT* 208000009863 Toll-Free
FINLAND 0800525080 Toll-Free
France Flag FRANCE 0805981170 Toll-Free
Germany Flag GERMANY 08006279988 Toll-Free
GHANA 233242426448 Local Number
GREECE 302119906055 Local Number
GUATEMALA 50222337199 Local Number
HUNGARY 0680180460 Toll-Free
India Flag INDIA 0008000501571 Toll-Free
INDONESIA 18030160003 Toll-Free
Ireland flag IRELAND 3531800832767 Toll-Free
Israel Flag ISRAEL 97237370097 Local Number
Flag of Italy ITALY 800598995 Toll-Free
JAMAICA 18767287011 Local Number
Flag of Japan JAPAN 0120536708 Toll-Free
Flag of Kenya KENYA 0800221383 Toll-Free
LEBANON 9611202586 Toll-Free
MALAYSIA 01800383512 Toll-Free
MALI 22344960045 Local Number
Flag of Mexico MEXICO 018000408536 Toll-Free
MOROCCO 00212800096069 Toll-Free
Flag of The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 08000205918 Toll-Free
NEW ZEALAND 0800482314 Toll-Free
Nigeria Flag NIGERIA 23419125031 Local Number
NORWAY 80062605 Toll-Free
Flag of Pakistan PAKISTAN 0080090033072 Toll-Free
Flag of Peru PERU 080078482 Toll-Free
Flag of Peru PHILIPPINES 6322711230 Local Number
Flag of Poland POLAND 48800144747 Toll-Free
Portugal Flag PORTUGAL 351800600117 Toll-Free
Russian Flag RUSSIAN FEDERATION 88005000096 Toll-Free
SERBIA 0800191106 Toll-Free
SOUTH AFRICA 27800555530 Toll-Free
SOUTH KOREA 82808221403 Toll-Free
Flag of Spain SPAIN 800000855 Toll-Free
Flag of Sri Lanka SRI LANKA 0112029059 Toll-Free
Flag of Sweden SWEDEN 020-120-3145 Toll-Free
Flag of Switzerland SWITZERLAND 0800672692 Toll-Free
Flag of Thailand THAILAND 1800012804 Toll-Free
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 18682241700 Local Number
TUNISIA 21631397750 Local Number
Turkey Flag TURKEY 902123755961 Local Number
UGANDA 256790978961 Local Number
Flag of the United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 08000263737 Toll-Free
Flag of the United States UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 18336686931 Toll-Free
URUGUAY 4135985443 Toll-Free
ZIMBABWE 242799970 Local Number

Additional Toll-Free Numbers in other locations will be established, and their availability communicated via this page.

Please note that, in certain countries, calls made to Toll-Free Numbers through mobile phones may be subject to local charges.

*Please note that the Egyptian Number is only accessible from Egypt Telecom’s fixed network

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