Kenyan Toll-Free number

We are aware of the issue affecting the Kenya toll-free number and we are working on it.

Toll-Free and Local Numbers

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For information to all Participants and Beneficiaries:
The Fund is pleased to announce the launch of an initiative to establish Toll Free and Local Numbers to directly connect callers to its Call Center. These numbers are now available in the following countries from 7am to 7pm (NY Time):

   ARGENTINA    08006661985    Toll-Free
   AUSTRALIA    1-800-986-631    Toll-Free
   AUSTRIA    0800-100-485    Toll-Free
   BANGLADESH    8809610998424    Local Number
Flag of Belgium    BELGIUM    0800-58-539    Toll-Free
Flag of Benin    BENIN    22961509856    Local Number
Brazil Flag    BRAZIL    0800-724-8292    Toll-Free
Canada Flag    CANADA    1-833-817-5824    Toll-Free
Cameroon Flag    CAMEROON    (237) 6977-77888    Local Number
Chile Flag    CHILE    12300204643    Toll-Free
Flag of China    CHINA    (86) 10-5697-1367    Local Number
Colombia Flag    COLOMBIA    018005183130    Toll-Free
Flag of Cyprus    CYPRUS    35780080804    Toll-Free
Denmark Flag    DENMARK    80-400-313    Toll-Free
   EGYPT*    208000009863    Toll-Free
France Flag    FRANCE    0805-98-11-70    Toll-Free
Germany Flag    GERMANY    0800-627-9988    Toll-Free
   GHANA    (233)242426448    Local Number
India Flag    INDIA    0008000501571    Toll-Free
   INDONESIA    1803-016-0003    Toll-Free
Ireland flag    IRELAND    (353) 180 083 2767    Toll-Free
Israel Flag    ISRAEL    (972) 3737-0097    Local Number
Flag of Italy    ITALY    800-598-995    Toll-Free
Flag of Japan    JAPAN    0120-536-708    Toll-Free
Flag of Kenya    KENYA    0800221383    Toll-Free
   MALI    22344960045    Local Number
Flag of Mexico    MEXICO    01-800-040-8536    Toll-Free
Flag of The Netherlands    NETHERLANDS    0800-020-5918    Toll-Free
Nigeria Flag    NIGERIA    (234) 1 912-5031    Local Number
Flag of Pakistan    PAKISTAN    0080090033072    Toll-Free
Flag of Peru    PERU    080078482    Toll-Free
Flag of Peru    PHILIPPINES    632-271-1230    Local Number
Flag of Poland    POLAND    48800144747    Toll-Free
Portugal Flag    PORTUGAL    (351) 80 060 0117    Toll-Free
Russian Flag    RUSSIAN FEDERATION    8-800-500-0096    Toll-Free
Flag of Spain    SPAIN    800-000-855    Toll-Free
Flag of Sri Lanka    SRI LANKA    0112029059    Toll-Free
Flag of Sweden    SWEDEN    020-120-3145    Toll-Free
Flag of Switzerland    SWITZERLAND    0800-672-692    Toll-Free
Flag of Thailand    THAILAND    1800012804    Toll-Free
Turkey Flag    TURKEY    (90) 212 375 5961    Local Number
   UGANDA   256790978961    Local Number
Flag of the United Kingdom    UNITED KINGDOM    0800-026-3737    Toll-Free
Flag of the United States    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    1-833-668-6931    Toll-Free

Additional Toll-Free Numbers in other locations will be established, and their availability communicated via this page.

Please note that, in certain countries, calls made to Toll-Free Numbers through mobile phones may be subject to local charges.

*Please note that the Egyptian Number is only accessible from Egypt Telecom’s fixed network

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