Executive Management

Rosemarie McClean

Chief Executive of Pension Administration

Pedro Antonio Guazo Alonso

Representative of the Secretary-General (RSG) for the investment of the UNJSPF assets

Pension Administration

David Penklis

Deputy Chief Executive of Pension Administration

Maria Clarissa O’Donnell

Chief of Operations

Karl-Ludwig W. Soll

Chief Financial Officer (also reports to Pedro Guazo/OIM)

Dino Cataldo Dell'Accio

Chief Information Officer

Alan Blythe

Chief, Client Services and Outreach Service

Cristiano Papile

Officer-in-Charge, Legal Office

Office of Investment Management (OIM)

Pako Thupayagale

Director for Fixed Income

Toru Shindo

Chief Investment Officer, Director

Toru Shindo

Officer-in-charge, Director of Public Equities

José Antonio Núñez

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Director

William J. Wilkinson

Chief Operating Officer

Terezie Hesounova Trivell

Director of Private Markets

Pension Board Secretariat

Wiryanto Sumitro

Secretary of the Board
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