About Member Self-Service (MSS)

MSS provides you with access to your pension account and allows you to submit forms and documents to the Fund.

If you require assistance logging into your MSS account, contact us:

Most UNJSPF participants can:

  • check their personal information and update their email address;
  • run estimates of future pension benefits and options;
  • access their Annual Pension Statement;
  • access UNJSPF forms pre-completed with their name and Unique Identification Number;
  • electronically submit required pension forms to the Fund (please see the MSS Document Upload section below under MSS Features for more information);
  • fill online requests to validate, restore, or transfer your pension rights.

Most UNJSPF retirees and beneficiaries can:

  • update their email address and mailing address on file with the Fund and provide an emergency contact;
  • track all payments from the Fund as well as After Service Health Insurance premium deductions;
  • access important pension documents;
  • access the PDF of the annual Certificate of Entitlement or CE form, unless they are paid under the two-track system;
  • track whether their returned CE was received by the Fund;
  • access all official UNJSPF forms pre-completed with their name and UID;
  • upload and submit completed, dated, and signed pension forms and supporting documents;
  • submit an initial Emergency Fund request in case of severe financial hardship;
  • run an estimate of their entitlement under the two-track option, if they retired after 02 August 2015.

To create a Member Self-Service account you need to have:

  • your Unique Identification Number (UID). If you don’t know your UID, click here for instructions on how to request it.
  • your last name as it is written in official documents and is registered at the UNJSPF
  • your date of birth
  • an e-mail account (we suggest you use a personal email account so we can contact you in case you retire or change jobs)

With these four pieces of information you can create your Member Self-Service account: you will be creating a new “username” and a “password” and you will need to answer some security questions that will make it possible for you to reset your own password in the future. Please keep in mind that you will need to remember the answers you provided to those security questions should you need to reset your password in the future.

For step-by-step instructions, check the video and the PDF under the Resources section of this page (column on the right).

MSS menu tabs explained


If you are on another tab and click on the menu tab “Home”, this will bring you back to the first page you go to after logging into the system.  There is an area under Home where the Fund can send you specific information about your account.


For retirees/beneficiaries only.

In this tab, you can update your address as long as you are not paid under the two-track and you don't have a pouch address.


For retirees/beneficiaries only.

This will show you a history of all of the payments that the Fund has made or will make to you.


Here you can see a history of documents that have been released by the Fund to you. More documents would be made available over time.

Participants can find the estimates that they have generated under the Estimates tab.

Retirees can access their Benefit entitlement letter, COLA Statements, Statement of Benefits (if previously requested) and Certificate of Entitlement (if not paid on the two-track).


Here you can access, complete and print all official Pension Fund forms required to, e.g., to submit payment instructions, designate beneficiary/ies, inform the Fund of changes to your address (retirees/beneficiaries), or submit a two-track application (retiress/beneficiaries). Go to this tab, select the applicable form in your preferred language, open it and fill in the information needed. Make sure to always date and sign all applicable pages of the form concerned. Your basic information including your Unique ID and name will be automatically generated for you.

Proof Documents (CE Tracker and Separation Documents)

For participants in the process of separation/retirees/beneficiaries only.

If you are a retiree/beneficiary, this is where you are able to see if the Fund received your original Certificate of Entitlement (CE). If you do not see your CE-related information, please check back periodically as the Fund is in the process of registering thousands of CEs.

If you are a participant in the process of separating, you will be able to see on what date the Fund received the required separation documents from you and your employer. For more information about these documents, please check the Separation page.

Personal Information

This is a list of your personal information as it is on record with the Fund. We suggest that you review this and through the E-Forms above, make any corrections that are needed. Please note this page includes information on your marital status and that the line right underneath, in the field “Current Status” indicates your current participation status with the Fund; for active participants, that status would indicate “Active Participant”, while for retirees, it would indicate “Separated”. In other words, there is no connection between these two fields.

Please note, dependent information (spouse/children) is not available currently in MSS. The Fund retains this information and it will be made available in the future.

Validation Request

For participants only.

If you’re a participant you may be able to fill an online request for validation. For more information, please check the Validation page.


For participants only.

If you’re a participant you may be able to fill an online request for restoration. For more information, please check the Restoration page.

Transfer-In Request

For participants only.

If you’re are a participant you may be able to fill an online request for a transfer-in. For detailed information on the possibility to transfer acquired pension rights from the UNJSPF to an outside (non-member) organization, or from an outside (non-member) organization to the UNJSPF, the applicable Regulations and Rules as well as conditions and requirements, please check out the Transfer Agreements page.

Emergency Fund

For retirees/beneficiaries only.
The Emergency Fund is set up to provide financial assistance for beneficiaries, who are in receipt of a small pension, and are facing temporary hardship. If you are temporarily unable to meet your basic expenses due to an emergency situation, such as exceptional medical expenses, you may seek assistance from the UNJSPF Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund cannot be used to replace or augment medical insurance plans, completely reimburse medical expenses, or supplement income considered too small by its recipients to face day-to-day expenses.


Participants are able to run benefit estimates and most retirees and beneficiaries are able to run two-track estimates on this tab.

Read carefully the choices that you have when you are making an estimate. Understand that the system is making a lot of calculations and it will take a few minutes to generate the estimate that you requested. Once the calculation is complete the estimate will appear in the Documents tab as a PDF and you can go and open it there.

For more information, check the Estimates page.

MSS Document Upload

Most MSS users can submit UNJSPF forms and other documentation electronically to the Fund via their MSS account. Users will first have to download the relevant UNJSPF form from MSS, complete, print, date, and sign it, then upload the form to MSS in either JPEG or PDF format and send it to the Fund. Check the sidebar for a tutorial on how to upload documents in MSS.

Please note, access to the MSS Document Upload tab may be restricted in some cases:

-If you are a participant, some UNJSPF member organizations have restricted access to the MSS Document Upload tab; in that case, staff of such organizations would not see the MSS Document Upload tab as part of their MSS menu options. In any case, all participants should always first check with their employing organization about the correct process for submitting documents to the Fund.

-If you are a retiree or a beneficiary (recipient of a survivor’s benefit from the Fund), you will have access to the MSS Document Upload tab and you can upload any document via your MSS portal to the Fund.

Known Issues

Benefit Estimate
  • If you encounter any anomalies concerning your estimate, please contact the Fund (go to the Contact Us form).
  • Estimates run by participants with past separation dates are not always accurate. We suggest you contact the Fund through the contact us page (Contact Us form “Estimate future entitlements”) to ensure the accuracy of your estimate.
  • Please note that the Estimate Tool gives you your “Deferred Retirement Benefit” values at your Normal Retirement Age (60, 62, 65). If you wish to know the value of your Deferred Retirement Benefits at age 55 or 58 please contact the Fund (through the Contact Us form on this site and use the topic “Estimate future entitlements”).
  • When using this tool there could be an issue with estimates run by participants whose periods of contributory service include contributory service corresponding to Transfer-In from an outside international organization, please contact the Fund (Contact Us form) to ensure that your estimate is accurate;
  • Estimates run by retirees who returned to active participation status for a new period of participation under Article 40 (Beneficiaries who have returned to work with a UNJSPF Member Organization) might have issues and we suggest you contact the Fund  (Contact Us form “Estimate future entitlements”) to ensure the accuracy of your estimate.

It has come to our attention that settings in some internet browsers interfere with a client being able to download and print a PDF and in some cases even to load the MSS page. Until we fully understand what settings affect this and in which browsers and which versions of which browsers the problem arises, we suggest that if you have trouble either loading the page or printing a PDF that you try a different browser. If you continue to have problems with your PDF, make sure to get the latest version of Adobe reader at: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Dependent Information

Kindly note that the dependent information will not be available for MSS view at this time, however, all data that was reported to the Fund in this regard is of course included in the participant’s/beneficiary’s file.

Member Self- Service Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Please read carefully and in full before proceeding. Terms of Service have been updated.

The Member Self Service (“MSS”) portal is designed as a resource for participants and beneficiaries of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (“UNJSPF” or “Fund”). The information UNJSPF provides in the MSS portal is made available for the convenient access of our participants and beneficiaries. While UNJSPF makes every attempt to ensure the information is reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility. Therefore, UNJSPF does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of information, and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use of results obtained from the use of this information.

Registration and use of the MSS portal is subject to acceptance of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund’s Privacy Policy. When you register for an account or use/access information through the MSS portal, you agree to the terms and conditions stated therein. If you do not agree to these terms, do not register for an MSS account or use/access information on the MSS portal.

By registering and by using the MSS portal, you further affirm the following:
• You are accessing the MSS account that you created yourself using your own personal information and identity.
• You are not creating an account using another person’s information or identity.
• You are not using an MSS account created by another person or created using another person’s information or identity.
• You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your MSS login credentials (username and password) and for restricting access to your account.
• You agree to accept all risk and responsibility for all activities that occur under your MSS login credentials.

MSS Document upload

Use of MSS Document Upload is subject to acceptance of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund’s Privacy Policy and the above Member Self-Service Terms of Service. Use of MSS Document Upload signifies agreement to the terms and conditions stated therein.

By using MSS Document Upload, the user further affirms that:

  • The user is the UNJSPF participant or beneficiary to whom the MSS account belongs;
  • Information provided on the uploaded document is true and complete;
  • All signatures on the uploaded document are true and original, that is, they are subscribed directly onto the document in ink by the person who is named on the document;
  • The user will retain the original of the uploaded document for a minimum of 10 (ten) years from the date of submission and will provide it to UNJSPF within 30 days of any request to do so;
  • The user understands and intends that UNJSPF will act in accordance with the instructions provided by the participant or beneficiary on the uploaded document;
  • The user acknowledges that successful upload of the document through MSS Document Upload is not a confirmation by UNJSPF that the document has been accepted by UNJSPF. Documents that are incomplete, illegible, or otherwise do not fulfill UNJSPF requirements cannot be accepted and you may be requested to re-submit the document through the portal or mail the original to the UNJSPF.*

Use of MSS Document Upload is optional. If the user does not agree to the terms and conditions of its use, they may submit the original document to UNJSPF in hardcopy format

*NOTE: Some UNJSPF forms require that a participant’s or beneficiary’s signature has been witnessed, verified, and certified as authentic. Where this is required, it is clearly indicated on the form with a space for authentication. Failure to include such authentication will result in the document not being accepted.

EFFECTIVE DATE: 13 January 2021

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