Unique Identification Number (UID)


If you are a participant, you must send your request from your professional UN email address, as this will serve as verification of your identity. Please include your Index number and/or former six digit Pension Fund number in your email request.

If you are a retiree or beneficiary, you must include the following information in your email so that your identity can be verified by the MSS support team and they can assist you: your full name; your last employing organization before separation from service; your last duty station; your five-digit alpha numeric retirement number.

Understanding the Unique ID Number (UID)

What are the differences between my Unique Identification number (UID), Pension number, Retirement number and Index number, and which number should I use in my communications with the Fund?

In the past the Pension Fund used to issue a six-digit “Pension Number” for every active participant and a five-digit alpha numeric “Retirement Number” for every retiree or beneficiary.

As of August 2015, with the implementation of the new IPAS system, all individuals in the Fund’s database, namely participants, retires and other beneficiaries, have been assigned a new, nine-digit Unique Identification (UID) number. This UID is a new UNJSPF reference number which remains unchanged throughout the pension lifecycle and which replaces the two ‘former’ IDs (i.e., Pension Number and Retirement Number).

The UID should be used in all communications with the Fund to ensure they are duly received, tracked and the required action is taken by the Fund.

The UID is also required to register for the new Member Self-Service (MSS) feature on the Fund’s website. Please note, every single one of the nine UID digits counts, i.e. even if a UID starts with zero(s) (for example, 000123456), Fund members are required to provide all nine digits, given that the IPAS system only recognizes nine-digit ID numbers.

Note: While the UID is now the main reference number for participants, retirees and beneficiaries, the Fund will of course be able to track a member with the help of any of the three Pension Fund reference numbers.

The “Index Number” is issued by the employing organization of the participant, and not by the Pension Fund. In your communication with the Fund please use your Pension Fund reference number, not your index number.

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