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Acting CEO Janice Dunn Lee at AFICS New York: “more than 80% of the new cases are processed in less than 15 days”

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The 1ST mailing of the barcoded 2019 Certificates of Entitlement (CE) was dispatched by the Fund at the very end of May 2019. The Fund is aware that depending on your country of residence and local mailing services, it can take between a few days and several months for your CE to reach you. Please return your duly dated and signed original CE to the Fund as soon as possible after it reached you but not later than 31 December 2019. Provided your benefit is not paid under the Two-Track, you can also download and print your 2019 CE in your UNJSPF Member Self Service (MSS) under the DOCUMENTS tab. MSS can be accessed here: Detailed CE information is available on the Fund’s website at the following link:

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