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Message from the RSG: overview of investment results in 2018


The Annual Statement of Benefits (Tax Statement) is now available in MSS.

Retirees and beneficiaries who have registered for MSS and who had requested in the past to receive the annual Statement of Benefits automatically every year, can now access their 2018 Statement of Benefits inside their MSS under the DOCUMENTS tab.

The annual Statement of Benefits is useful for tax purposes as it provides the total amount for benefits paid during the calendar year (USA and Canada) or the 12 months tax period concerned (Europe). 


If you have not received your 2018 CE by now, please urgently take the following action: access your UNJSPF Member Self Service (MSS) to check whether you can access and print your 2018 MSS CE under the DOCUMENTS tab and if so return the signed and dated original CE to the Fund; OR, send a letter to the Fund carrying your name, your official address, your Unique ID (UID) or/and retirement number(s), the date and your ORIGINAL signature; such letter must also include the subject line: “Non-receipt of the 2018 CE”. Once received by the Fund, such letter would be scanned to your file to alert the Fund of the situation and to allow the Fund to take action to prevent a potential future suspension in case of non-receipt of your CE by end of December 2018. For more detailed information please refer to the CE webpage at the following link:


Following the recent natural disaster that occurred in the state of Kerala in India in August 2018, and as decided in the past with similar events that could affect a large number of retirees and beneficiaries, the Fund has decided to grant a one-time special Emergency Fund payment to those affected to help offset some of the hardship faced as a direct consequence of the disaster. If you believe you qualify for this Special Emergency Fund Payment click on the button bellow:

India/Kerala – Flooding in August 2018


UNJSPF has now toll free phone numbers to some countries!

Click here to get the list

February 2019 Town Hall

UNJSPF Photo/Regina Oliveira

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Participants of the 65th Session of the Pension Board

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UNJSPF Outreach Visit to Burkina Faso


SPC 2018 Meeting


The Assets and Liability Monitoring (ALM) Committee meeting in New York in February 2018

UNJSPF Photo/Regina Oliveira

46th FAFICS Council Vienna, Austria

UNJSPF Photo/ Lee Woodyear

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Together with all my colleagues in the Fund, I was very saddened to hear about yesterday’s (March 10th, 2019) tragic plane crash in Ethiopia claiming the lives of all on board, including our UN colleagues from multiple organizations across the

February 2019 Town Hall

During the Townhall held last Thursday (February 14, 2019), Ms. Janice Dunn Lee, the Acting CEO introduced herself to the Fund staff in NY, Geneva, and Nairobi.  She spoke of her initial impressions and her motivation for coming out of

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Workflow analysis statistics-December 2017

UNJSPF Statistics December 2017

December 2017

The Fund continues to process most actionable cases within 20 business days.

Analysis of Workflow Statistics - As of November 1

UNJSPF Statistics November 2017

November 2017

The Fund continues to process most actionable cases within 20 business days.

Analysis of Workflow Statistics - As of October 1

UNJSPF Statistics October 2017

October 2017

The Fund continues to process most actionable cases within 20 business days.

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