After Service Health Insurance (ASHI)

Getting Information on ASHI

For retirees/beneficiaries who opted for After Service Health Insurance (ASHI), premiums are deducted directly from their monthly pension benefit. As ASHI matters are not handled by the Pension Fund, please contact your employer’s ASHI focal point. If you work for the UN Secretariat you should direct your query to the email address The ASHI Unit has moved to a service-oriented architecture and all incoming emails from personal email addresses must be routed through or to be assigned a service request number.

Please visit the following web pages for further information: and



Can I have my ASHI premium automatically deducted from my pension benefit?

Yes, you will need to fill out a form with your former employer’s Insurance Section, which will advise the Fund of the monthly premium amount to be deducted from your pension benefit.


Whom do I call if I have a question regarding my health insurance premium?

You should always call the Insurance Section of your former employing organization for queries on ASHI. The UNJSPF knows only the monthly amount deducted but not the basis of its determination.


How does the UNJSPF know how much to deduct from my benefit each month for ASHI?

The Insurance Section of your former employing organization advises the UNJSPF as to the amount to be deducted from your monthly benefit for ASHI premium. That amount is then reimbursed to your former employing organization. Please be aware that fluctuations in ASHI premiums affect the amount of the monthly benefit payable to you.

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