Ms. Maria Clarissa O’Donnell of the Philippines (Asia-Pacific States) was appointed as Chief of Operations (D-1) in June 2016, having served the UNJSPF for 15 years –  7 years as Chief of Pension Entitlements Section, 2 years as Chief of Client Services & Records Management and Distribution Unit, 3 years as a Benefits Officer and 3 years as Deputy Cashier. Prior to the UNJSPF, she served 10 years in UNHCR in Geneva, Moscow and Africa mostly, in the Finance and Administration areas. Before joining the UN System, she worked for Far East Bank and Trust Co. in the Philippines for 3 years as an accountant.

Ms. O’Donnell obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1987 from Asia’s oldest university (University of Santo Tomas, Manila) before becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

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