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Impact of the COVID-19 situation on Pension Administration

16 March 2020

To reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission, the United Nations Secretary-General and UNOG Director-General have required all United Nations staff in New York and Geneva to telecommute full-time and work remotely. In alignment with these measures, effective from Monday 16 March to Sunday 12 April 2020, all UNJSPF staff in the New York and Geneva offices will work remotely five days a week.

The Fund will do its best to provide continuous services to the Fund´s participants, retirees, and beneficiaries as well as member organizations under these challenging circumstances. We thank you for your kind understanding and patience when delays occur due to the special conditions under which we are currently operating.

Under the direction of Ms. Rosemarie McClean, Chief Executive of Pension Administration, the Fund’s Crisis Management Team monitors the situation daily and will adapt the Fund's practices to ensure business continuity, while protecting its staff health and abiding by the UN guidance and the directive of the Fund’s host countries.

At this stage, the Fund does not foresee any disruption for beneficiaries who receive their monthly benefits through electronic funds transfer, as these benefits are transmitted electronically through the banking systems.

Walk-in visits to our New York and Geneva Offices are suspended. If you need to contact us, please call or send us a message. Phone numbers and the contact form can be found on this page.

The Fund is expecting slower treatment of postal mail because of the reduced mailing services from the United Nations. The Fund is working closely with its member organizations to minimize disruptions, especially with regard to new separation cases.

Finally, please make sure that we have your email address up to date in Member Self Service (MSS). If you have not, yet created an MSS account, please do so urgently, as this will help us stay in touch with you as necessary and will allow you access to valuable pension-related information. Detailed guidance to assist with registration for MSS or technical issues is provided on the Fund’s Member Self Service webpage. Please help us distribute this important information by forwarding this message to colleagues or fellow retirees and beneficiaries so that we can reach a maximum number of UNJSPF participants and beneficiaries.

The Fund will continue to keep you informed of any significant development as needed.

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