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Erroneous publication of a list of UNJSPF retirees and beneficiaries under the Annual Certificate of Entitlement Exercise

19 April 2021

The Fund is currently undertaking its annual Certificate of Entitlement (CE) exercise with the assistance of local retiree associations to identify retirees who have not, yet, returned their duly completed 2020 CE or another valid signature document. A list with approximately 400 retirees and beneficiaries provided for the purpose of facilitating the process was published on a social network by a local retiree association.

The Fund regrets the publication of the list and acted to have the information taken down as soon as it learnt about the situation. The Fund is now writing to each of the concerned retirees to provide further details of the incident. The Fund is implementing technical measures to monitor the accounts affected by this event, to detect and prevent any suspicious activities, and has in place a dedicated email address for those affected by the incident to address any concerns.

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