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Retirees and beneficiaries: check these new videos explaining the Digital Certificate of Entitlement App

9 December 2021

The Fund has just produced a series of video tutorials to help clients use the Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE) App. Retirees and beneficiaries can now watch videos on how to download the app, how to enroll in the app, how to issue the Digital CE, how to reset the security code and how to request assistance. Please see the videos below.

The DCE app was launched earlier this year to simplify and speed up the Certificate of Entitlement process. The app can verify the identity of retirees/beneficiaries and their location via biometrics, storing key elements (non-personal data) of the transactions on an immutable and independently auditable digital ledger (using blockchain technologies). With this app, retirees and beneficiaries have the option to complete the annual Certificate of Entitlement by providing their ‘proof of life’ in biometric format through the DCE App instead of having to return to the Fund the paper-based CE form or to upload it in MSS. A DCE step-by-step guide and FAQs are in English, French and Spanish here.

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