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UNJSPF leads the way on emerging technologies

4 June 2024

Last week, UNJSPF participated in two UN-led fora on emerging technologies: the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)+20 Forum and the AI for Good summit, held in Geneva.

During WSIS+20, the International Telecommunication Union published its 2023 report on United Nations Activities on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Highlighting the need for careful balance between innovation, regulation, and inclusion, this publication recognizes the importance of UN-led innovation that benefits everyone and accelerates the attainment of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The UNJSPF Digital Identity Solution was recognized as a pioneering, concrete application of emerging technologies (including AI, blockchain, biometrics, and geolocalization) that facilitates the provision of an annual “proof of life” by UNJSPF beneficiaries while ensuring data protection and privacy in accordance with international standards. See pages 283-285 of the report for further information.

“The Fund is fully committed to developing and promoting tools and guidelines on emerging technologies, which contribute to our modernization and efficiency efforts in a sustainable and principled manner,” said Rosemarie McClean, Chief Executive of Pension Administration at UNJSPF.

Due to its commitment to modernizing pension services and its involvement with emerging technologies, UNJSPF has joined the United Nations Group on the Information Society for Digital Transformation (UNGIS), which brings together several UN entities and agencies involved in the WSIS process.

The UNJSPF’s focus on client-centric pension services is the main driver of this engagement. Prioritizing clients’ needs led to the development of the Digital Certificate of Entitlement, and later the UN Digital ID, which is being launched today for separating staff of participating organizations.

UNJSPF continues to leverage modern solutions like its Customer Relationship Management system to ensure its products and services are available to optimally serve its global clientele while considering accessibility standards.

Further United Nations’ guidance on AI can be found here:

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