Certificate of Entitlement (CE)


Each year the Fund conducts an exercise to verify the continuing eligibility of retirees and beneficiaries to the benefits they are receiving. As part of this exercise, each person in receipt of a benefit from the Fund must annually submit a Certificate of Entitlement (CE) to the Fund provided their benefit was in payment during the six months prior to 01 May. Retirees and beneficiaries can fulfill the requirements of the CE exercise by doing one of the following:

1 – Submitting a digital CE using the Digital CE app: As of 2021, retirees and beneficiaries have the option to complete the CE exercise using the Digital CE app instead of submitting a barcoded CE to the Fund. If the retiree/beneficiary chooses to submit the Digital CE, they must download the Digital CE app, complete the enrolment process and issue a Digital CE for that CE year – all of this is done through the designated app. Please note that if you do not complete issue the Digital CE by 22 June 2021, the Fund will send you the 2021 CE form in hard copy by postal mail. The CE form will also be available for printing in your Member Self Service provided you are not paid on the two-track. After 22 June, you then have two options: to either (i) submit the paper-based version of the 2021 CE form to the Fund, or, (ii) disregard the paper CE and proceed to enroll in the DCE App and submit your Digital 2021 CE via the app, by 31 December 2021.

2 – Submitting a CE through Member Self Service (MSS): retirees and beneficiaries that are not paid on the two-track can download their CE from their MSS account. After completing, dating, and signing the CE they can upload and submit the CE to MSS. There is no need to send the original CE to the Fund. Retirees and beneficiaries that are paid on the two-track can submit via MSS the barcoded CE which was sent to them by mail. For more information about submitting documents through MSS please click here.

3 – Submitting a paper-based CE by mail: If the retiree/beneficiary prefers to keep using the paper-based CE, no action is required from them. The Fund will send out the CEs by mail each year and the retiree and beneficiary must complete, sign and date the CE and send the original document with the original signature to the Fund by mail as usual. The CE with the retiree’s/beneficiary’s original signature/thumbprint must be returned to the Fund as soon as possible and no later than 31 December to avoid the risk of a benefit suspension. The CE can be returned to either our Geneva or New York offices or it can be submitted electronically via MSS. Keep reading for more information and guidance.

Further information and updates concerning the CE mailing will continue to be posted on this page. We urge you to regularly visit this page for updates.

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