Pensionable Remuneration

Pensionable remuneration is used for determining contributions to UNJSPF and for calculating pension benefits. Your pensionable remuneration is based upon your category, grade and step.

For Professionals and higher categories, the scale of pensionable remuneration is based on the tables published by the International Civil Service Commission, click here. Post adjustment is not considered, so the pensionable remuneration scale is the same for every duty station.

For participants in the General Service and related categories, pensionable remuneration shall be the equivalent in US dollars of the sum of their gross pensionable salary plus any pensionable allowances (such as language allowance). Click here to see the current salary scales for General Service and related categories in the United Nations.

Please see the ICSC website for additional information.


Can I increase or decrease my pensionable remuneration?

You cannot increase or decrease your pensionable remuneration. 

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