Updating Personal Information

On this page, you will find instructions on how to update your personal information in the Fund’s records.


Email address

Participants can update their email addresses inside their Member Self-Service portal under the “Account” tab. If you don't have an MSS account, please send us a signed letter with your request to update your email address.

Other personal information

If you need to update any other personal information (marital status, date of birth, name, etc.), you must contact your HR partner. Ask your HR partner to send a personnel action form to the Fund, specifically issued to change/modify/update whatever personal information that needs to be changed. You can check what information the Fund has about you on your Annual Pension Statement.


Mailing address, phone number and email address

Retirees and/or beneficiaries that wish to change their phone number or email address in the Fund’s records have 2 options:

  • PF.23/M form: The form must be duly filled out, dated and signed. The Fund must receive the original document (PF.23/M) with the original ink signature. The Fund will not accept a cable, email or facsimile.
  • Member-Self-Service: You can update your email address under the “Account” tab. Most retirees/beneficiaries can also update their mailing address under the “Address” tab (if you are paid under the two-track or if you have a pouch address, you will not be able to update your address).

How much notice should I give the UNJSPF for a change in address?
Normally a change of address is processed within 15 days of receipt of your request. Note: Always send your correspondence to the UNJSPF office, New York or Geneva, closest to you.

Do I notify the UNJSPF if my change of address is temporary?
The UNJSPF can only accommodate one official address in its database for each beneficiary. Should you be moving temporarily, for six months or less, it is not necessary to advise the UNJSPF but you should ensure that your mail is forwarded to you whilst you reside at the temporary address.

Disclosure of Your Personal Pension Information

Information you submit exclusively to the Fund for pension benefit purposes (e.g. medical information, designation of beneficiary forms or payment instructions) is confidential and will only be disclosed to third parties if your written consent or authorization has been received, except in response to a court order or a request from a judicial or civil authority in the context of divorce or family maintenance obligations.

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