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Participants : votre relevé de pension annuel 2021 est maintenant disponible dans l’Espace Client

16 mai 2022

You can now access your 2021 Annual Pension Statement in your Member Self-Service (MSS) account under the ‘Documents’ tab.

Every year an Annual Pension Statement is published for each participant and it contains relevant pension information as reported to the Fund by member organizations up to 31 December of the previous year.

This includes information about your contributory service (including periods of break in service and/or leave without pay), accumulated contributions and interest, as well as your recent pensionable remuneration rates.

It also contains your date of birth, your marital status, your normal retirement age for pension purposes, as well as additional details for those who validated a period of non-contributory service or restored a prior period of contributory service.

We strongly encourage you to review your information and to contact your HR office in case you notice any issues regarding your personal details or to contact the UNJSPF for issues related to your pension information.

For a line-by-line guide on how to read your Annual Pension Statement see our educational video.

Please note that this document is only available in an electronic format and will not be sent by postal mail.

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