Mr. Toru Shindo of Japan (Asia-Pacific States) currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer (D-2) for the Office of Investment Management. With over 25 years of experience in investments and a comprehensive 35-year background in the finance industry, he meticulously manages teams across Public Equities, Fixed Income, Private Markets, and Sustainable Investment. Mr. Shindo plays a pivotal role in recommending investment policy and strategies to the Representative of the Secretary-General, executing the strategic asset allocation, and making decisions in tactical strategies. His focus is on ensuring sustained performance over long-term horizons for the Fund.

Mr. Shindo's journey with UNJSPF began in February 2004 as an Investment Officer for Asia Pacific equities, progressing to Senior Investment Officer in April 2007. Recognizing his expertise, he was promoted to Deputy Director and Chief of Investment Section in February 2009.   In May 2021, he was promoted to the first Chief Investment Officer when the Fund newly established the position.

Before joining UNJSPF, Mr. Shindo held the position of Director at Deutsche Trust Bank in Tokyo, where he concentrated on the active management of international equity for public and private pension funds. With a robust background spanning over 35 years in the finance industry, he has previously been associated with Bankers Trust and Nikko Securities.

Mr. Shindo earned his BA in Economics from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo and his MBA from New York University. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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