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Retirees and beneficiaries: do you have difficulties issuing your 2022 Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE)?

10 January 2022

The Fund is aware that some retirees and beneficiaries have had some difficulties in issuing their 2022 Digital Certificate of Entitlement (DCE). Below are some of the reported issues:

  • User started the issuance of the 2022 Digital CE, but the process stopped at 9 or 10 per cent.
  • User received a message “Biometric not found” or “Biometric test failed” when attempting to issue their DCE.

These issues usually happen when the user installs the app on a new mobile device, or when the user uninstalls and re-installs the app on the same mobile device.

If you are experiencing these issues with your 2022 Digital CE, please email the Fund at [email protected] explaining the issue you are encountering so that our dedicated DCE support team can assist you. Your email will be answered by a member of the DCE support team within 10 business days. Thank you for your patience.

 If you encounter any other issues, please refer to the DCE resource material and namely the FAQ document for guidance on what to do in case you are encountering this or other issues during DCE issuance; you can access the dedicated DCE resource page here.

In general, please keep in mind that:

  • The Digital CE process is a yearly process that can be completed at any time during the calendar year. You have until 31 December 2022 to complete the 2022 Digital CE issuance. Suspension for non-receipt of the 2022 CE will not happen before May 2023.
  • You should avoid uninstalling your Digital CE application from your device, even when you encounter problems.
  • If you are having difficulty issuing your 2022 Digital CE but you did not change devices and you did not uninstall/re-install the app, we recommend that you try to complete the process in a well-lit area with good internet connection.
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