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Attention retirees and beneficiaries in Yemen: cash liquidity issues

27 June 2024

The Fund has been informed of cash liquidity issues facing International Bank of Yemen which may result in the inability to withdraw funds. In view of this, the Fund has put a temporary hold on all payments being made to the International Bank of Yemen, effective with the June 2024 benefit payment. The Fund will be in communication with beneficiaries who are directly affected by the delays.

We have been informed that USD payments can be made to Alkuraimi Islamic Bank at this time. If you would like to open an account at Alkuraimi Bank and require local assistance in opening a USD account and submitting new payment instructions, please reach out to colleagues at UNDP Yemen, who are in close contact with the Fund regarding this matter. You may also consider opening a USD account outside Yemen for receipt of your monthly pension benefits.

To update payment instructions, please complete Form PF.23 and return it to the Fund. If registered with Member Self-Service (MSS), please upload the completed Form to MSS. Due to the present situation, the Fund will also accept the completed Form sent via email to [email protected]. If sending via email, please also include (1) a copy of your valid passport, driver’s license, or other government issued identification document with your photo and signature and (2) a copy of your Bank Statement/Document with your account details. Upon receipt of your new banking details, the Fund will be able to reinstate your monthly pension payments and reissue withheld benefits.

Should you have any questions/concerns, please contact us at the contact details provided on our Contact Us webpage, here.

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