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Final update on the cyberattack - 25 November 2019

25 November 2019

The Fund was affected by a cyberattack on Saturday, 26 October. Detective and corrective measures were immediately activated, and no data was lost.

The Fund completed all the necessary technical testing and validations and, therefore, normal operations were fully restored on Monday, 25th of November. The key actions taken by the Fund during the recent weeks included:

  1. Engaging with a specialized cybersecurity firm to check and monitor the ICT infrastructure.
  2. Liaising with the law enforcement authorities of the host country.
  3. Installing additional software protections on the Fund’s ICT systems.
  4. Replacing and/or decommissioning all the assets impacted by the cyberattack.
  5. Strengthening the existing control mechanisms.
  6. Reinstalling and upgrading software and hardware.
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