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Retirees and beneficiaries in Haiti: Emergency Fund is available

1 September 2021

Retirees and beneficiaries who have been affected by the earthquake and floods in Haiti in August 2021may request limited financial assistance from the UNJSPF’s Emergency Fund. Given the circumstances, and as decided with similar events in the past, the Fund has decided to facilitate the processing and payment for a one-time fixed payment to help offset some of the hardship faced as a direct consequence of the disaster.

The Fund is requesting the signed, duly completed, and dated application form for those that suffered hardship as a direct result of the earthquake and/or floods and would like to be considered for this one-time fixed payment from the Emergency Fund. Please complete, date, and sign the form with an explanation of how you were impacted by this natural disaster. This will streamline the processing and ensure prompt payment from the Emergency Fund, subject to the Fund’s assessment of the eligibility of the request.

This one-time fixed payment of USD500.00, determined with respect to the particular circumstances described herein, should not preclude retirees and beneficiaries from submitting an additional request for assistance, should your expenses attributed directly to this earthquake and/or floods be in excess of the one-time fixed payment. Such additional claims would be addressed under the Emergency Fund’s normal administrative guidelines and arrangements, as published in the Emergency Fund booklet. In such cases, the normal guidelines would prevail, and the claim would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, to determine if the additional hardship is proven and, if so, to decide on the payment amount.

Any claims should be sent to the dedicated email inbox The indication “Earthquake/Floods Haiti, August 2021” as well as your full name and nine-digit Unique ID (UID) and/or five-digit alphanumeric Retirement number, should be included in the subject line of the email so that the Fund can earmark the claim for priority processing. Although it is suggested that you submit your claim via email to begin the process, the Fund must also receive the Emergency Fund application form (attached) duly completed, dated, and signed with your original ink signature, before payment can be authorized. Retirees and beneficiaries concerned can submit the duly signed, dated, and completed Request Form either electronically, via their UNJSPF Member Self-Service account by uploading it to the Fund inside the MSS DOCUMENT UPLOAD tab (guidelines on how to upload documents inside your UNJSPF MSS account are available here), or they can mail/pouch the original form back to the Fund. The Fund’s address details are provided on the letterhead or on the, under the Contact Us tab (please note that the Fund’s addresses vary depending on how your mail will be sent to the Fund).

 Once the Fund receives the original application form and a Special Emergency Fund payment was approved, it will be made to the account currently on record with the Fund, where the UNJSPF makes its periodic payment on your behalf.

 In the meantime, all of us from the Fund hope that retirees, beneficiaries, and their families are staying well, despite the difficult circumstances.


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