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Retirees and beneficiaries: mailing of 2022 Statement of Benefits

10 January 2023

Printed versions of the 2022 Statements of Benefits, covering the period from January to December 2022, are starting to be dispatched by postal mail to retirees and beneficiaries who have opted for this service.  

For retirees and beneficiaries who have a Member Self-Service (MSS) account, they can view and download it directly from there. The Statement of Benefits is available under the ‘Documents’ tab. 

If you have not yet registered in MSS and don’t want to wait for the printed version of your Statement of Benefits, you can easily create an MSS account, please check this page.

The annual Statement of Benefits is made available to retirees and beneficiaries who formally request it, using the contact form here. It is then automatically generated every year after the initial request. The Statement of Benefits shows the gross amount of periodic benefits and lump sum payments (if any) that a retiree or a beneficiary has received during one calendar year. 

Statements of Benefits covering periods from 01 April 2022 to 31 March 2023, and from 06 April 2022 to 05 April 2023 will be mailed to the concerned beneficiaries and available in their MSS account early April 2023. Statements of Benefits for the 1 July 2022 – 30 Jun 2023 period will be mailed/made available in MSS early July 2023.

Please note that the Fund does not submit the Statements of Benefits to the tax authorities of any country since taxation is an individual taxpayer’s responsibility. For more information on taxation of UNJSPF benefits please refer to the following resource:

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