If I was retired but now I have been re-employed by a member organization of the UNJSPF am I still eligible for a monthly benefit?

If you are re-employed on a contract of six months or longer by a member organization of the Fund, or after being employed for a total of six months of service without an interruption of more than thirty days, you will normally become a participant of the UNJSPF once again and payment of your monthly benefit will be suspended. When you separate from this re-employment, payment of your benefit resumes, but you will not receive any retroactive payment for the period during which your benefit was suspended. As a result of this second period of participation you may either opt for a withdrawal settlement or a second periodic benefit, even if the period of additional participation was for less than five years.

How does my benefit get reinstated if it is suspended?

If your benefit has been suspended upon re-employment, you should advise the UNJSPF as soon as your contract has expired and provide the Fund with a copy of your separating personnel action. You should also advise the UNJSPF as to the election of your second entitlement on form PENS.E/8 if this participation was for less than 5 years, or on form PENS. E/7 for 5 years or more additional contributory service.