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Attention retirees and beneficiaries: has the Fund received your 2020 Certificate of Entitlement form?

18 May 2021

The benefits of retirees and beneficiaries who have not submitted their 2020 Certificate of Entitlement (CE) or another valid signature document will be suspended, effective with the June 2021 payroll.

If you have not returned your 2020 CE or other valid signature document (dated 01 May 2020 or after), please do so urgently and before 21 May 2021. You can return your duly dated and hand-signed certificate either in original format by mail or in electronic format via your Member Self-Service (MSS) account. The Fund’s contact details, including the UNJSPF Call Center and toll-free numbers, are provided on the Contact Us page.

If you wonder whether the Fund has received your 2020 CE form, you can check it in Member Self-Service under the “Proof Documents” tab to confirm a receipt date.

Each year the Fund conducts an exercise to verify the continuing eligibility of retirees and beneficiaries to the benefits they are receiving. As part of this exercise, each person in receipt of a benefit from the Fund must annually submit a Certificate of Entitlement to the Fund provided their benefit was in payment during the six months prior to 1 May.

Each year, prior to suspending benefits due to non-receipt of the annual CE form, the Fund, with the assistance of Staff Pension Committees and Pension Focal Points of member organizations, as well as retiree associations, carries out an extensive follow-up exercise to locate the retirees/beneficiaries unaccounted for and inform them of what is required to prevent the suspension of their benefit payments. By doing so, the Fund seeks to significantly reduce the number of benefit suspensions.

For detailed and up-to-date information about this exercise, please visit the dedicated CE page.


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