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Inside the Fund’s Client Services work

28 February 2020

The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund services more than 213,000 participants, retirees, and beneficiaries from all over the world. The Fund’s Client Services Teams, including the Call Centers,  are located in New York, Geneva, Valencia, and Nairobi. They often serve as the first point of contact for the Fund’s clients.

Each week, Client Services addresses hundreds of queries received by phone, through email or postal mail, or in-person from visitors, ranging from questions relating to future entitlements and benefit options/amounts, to participation-related matters such as validation, restoration or the transfer of pension rights, as well as generating benefit estimates on future entitlements or the two-track. They also review and authorize requests for reinstatement of suspended benefits, and requests for assistance from the UNJSPF Emergency Fund. The Team is also in charge of an extensive outreach worldwide to provide in-person pension information and training sessions.

“The Client Services Teams are the interface of the Fund with its clients and partners; all CS team members must have a thorough understanding not only of the Fund’s Regulations and Rules but of every facet of the Fund’s operations, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the work done by other sections of the Fund,” said Christine Cartner, Chief of the Client Services and Outreach Section.

One of the Fund’s biggest challenges is to reach and communicate with its very diverse clientele worldwide. Clients span different generations, speak different languages and, most importantly, face different types of issues. Some clients do not have access to the internet, computers or printers and rely on postal mailings from the Fund while mailing services in many countries are not always reliable. The Fund is aware of these challenges and continuously seeks to find solutions to provide quality service to all clients. The Teams also constantly develop new tools to adapt to the needs of its clients; for example, it created comparative benefit charts, new informational booklets and short educational videos, which are all available on the Fund’s website.

You can find all contact details and walk-in services for the Fund’s New York and Geneva offices on the Contact Us page. The Fund has Call Centers to provide telephone assistance to clients worldwide, offering toll-free numbers for over 60 countries. Clients can contact the Fund in writing, either by postal mail or by submitting their query online via the UNJSPF Contact Form available on the Fund’s Contact Us page. All queries submitted online will be tracked, acknowledged, reviewed in depth by a Client Services expert, and responded to within a standard of 15 business days.

Some team members of the Client Services in Geneva

Some team members of the Client Services in New York

Rachel Katimbo, CS Liason officer in Nairobi

Call Center Team in New York

Call Center Team in Valencia

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