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Inside the Fund’s machinery: UN Staff Pension Committee and the Audit Committee met last week

18 November 2019
Members of the Audit Committee

A lot of the Fund’s work relies on decisions made by committees. Last week, 2 important committee meetings took place.

The United Nations Staff Pension Committee (UNSPC) held its 330th meeting on Thursday, 14 November 2019. Under Article 4 of the Fund’s Regulations, the UNSPC is responsible for the administration of pension matters in respect of staff members of the United Nations Organization and its Funds and Programmes. At its meeting, the Committee considered new and review disability cases, and requests for review of decisions of the Secretary/CEO on participation in the Fund. The Committee also reviewed proposals for clarifying benefit provisions under the Fund’s Regulations. Click here to see a fuller description of the work of the Committee and the membership list.

The Audit Committee held a two-day meeting on Thursday and Friday (November 14-15). The Committee provides the Pension Board with assistance in fulfilling its oversight responsibility relating to internal and external audit, financial management, risk management and internal control framework. At its latest meeting, the Committee endorsed the internal audit work plan for 2020, reviewed the BOA report on the Fund’s Financial Statements for the year 2018, as well as the progress in the implementation of audit recommendations and the mitigation actions for high-level risks. The Committee meets three times per year and submits a report to the annual session of the Board. Click here to see the Terms of Reference and the current membership of the Committee.

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