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Retirees and beneficiaries: if your benefit was not paid in June, this is what you need to do

7 July 2021

The benefits of retirees and beneficiaries who have not submitted their 2020 Certificate of Entitlement (CE) or another valid signature document to the Fund within the required time frame have been suspended effective with the June 2021 payroll. Hence, if your benefit payment stopped effective with the June 2021 payroll, it is most likely due to the non-receipt by the Fund of your 2020 CE form.

In order to reinstate your monthly benefit payments, the Fund must urgently receive a valid signature document from you, which you must submit to the Fund in the format and manner explained below. Keep reading to know which documents you must send to the Fund and how to submit them.

What documents should I submit to request the reinstatement of my benefit?

If you request the reinstatement of your benefit into the same account into which you received your regular monthly payments prior to the suspension, you must submit:

  • A dated and signed Certificate of Entitlement (CE) form. The CE form must bear your original ink signature and the signature date. You can use the physical CE form the Fund has mailed to you or, if you are not paid under the two-track system, you can access, download and print your CE inside your UNJSPF Member Self-Service (MSS) portal under the DOCUMENT tab.
  • If you cannot download the CE form and have not received it by mail, please provide a letter to the Fund, with your full name, your official address, your UNJSPF reference number (Unique ID or/and retirement number/s), your ORIGINAL ink signature and the signature date; the letter must also include the subject line: “CE related Benefit Suspension - Request for Reinstatement.

If you request the reinstatement of your benefit into a new account that is different from the one into which you received your regular monthly payments prior to the suspension, you must submit:

  1. A duly completed, dated, and signed form PF23 which you can print inside your MSS portal under the E-Forms tab or download it here.
  2. A voided cheque or a copy of your recently dated bank statement (PDF or photo format) or a screen capture of your recently dated online bank statement including your full name. The banking information on your statement must correspond to the banking information provided on form PF23.
  3. A copy of your valid government-issued picture ID document in either PDF or JPEG (passport or another government-issued ID document that bears your full name, date of birth, and scripted signature).

How should I submit the documents to the Fund?

You can submit the required documents by using one of the following methods:

  • Electronic document submission in MSS: Beneficiaries can submit pension-related information, including the annual CE or another valid signature document, inside their Member Self-Service Portal (MSS) inside the MSS Document Upload tab; documents must be first dated, and hand-signed and then transformed into PDF/JPG format so they can be uploaded inside MSS (electronic signatures are NOT accepted).
    This is the preferred and most time-effective way of submitting documents to the Fund.
    *For guidance on MSS registration, please refer to the online tutorial here.
    *For guidance on MSS Document Upload, please refer to the online tutorial here.
  • Submission of original physical documents by mail: Beneficiaries can send the required documentation to the Fund by postal mail, special courier, or pouch services. Signature documents must be in ORIGINAL format, carrying the beneficiary’s original ink signature to be accepted by the Fund. No photocopies of signature documents will be accepted in lieu of an original, verifiable signature. The Fund’s mailing addresses are provided on our website here.
  • In person drop-off on site in New York or Geneva: Drop-off mailboxes are available on site of the Fund’s locations in New York and Geneva, where duly completed, dated and signed documents can be remitted. Note that all signature documents must include your original ink signature, and ALL documents must include your full name and UNJSPF UID or other reference number, so that they can be correctly identified and indexed to your case file. Address details for UNJSPF offices are available on our website here.
  • Other – Contacting the UNJSPF: Beneficiaries who cannot use any of the above channels should please contact the Fund via the online Contact Us form, identifying themselves as retiree/beneficiary, selecting the contact reason “Non-Receipt of regular monthly benefit payment”, and providing all the required information, so that we can assist.

Once we receive and verify the required documents, your benefit should be reinstated and applicable retroactive payments made within three to four weeks.

If you recently changed your address and have not reported this information to the Fund, please also ensure to update your address, either inside your MSS account, under the ADDRESS tab (available if you are not paid under the two-track), OR by submitting form PF23M which you can print from the MSS E-FORMS tab. It is key that the Fund has your up-to-date contact details on file, including personal email and telephone number, so that all UNJSPF mail reaches you and we can contact you whenever needed.

For detailed and up-to-date information about the Fund’s annual CE exercise and how you can comply with the annual requirement of providing your proof of life to the Fund, please visit the dedicated CE page.

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