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Retirees/Beneficiaries: your 2021 July COLA letter is now available in MSS

3 August 2021

This article was updated on 11 August 2021.

Retirees and beneficiaries whose pension benefits were adjusted by the July 2021 COLA update can now view, download and print their July cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) letter inside Member Self-Service (MSS) under the “DOCUMENTS” tab. COLA letters are issued only when a payable amount is changed, so if you cannot see a COLA letter in your MSS account, that means there is no change in payment.

COLA letters, also known as Quarterly Statements, are informational statements provided to beneficiaries in receipt of a UNJSPF periodic benefit. These statements provide the quarterly exchange rate and COLA percentage applied annually to benefit entitlements. They also detail the established monthly payable amount per quarter, the After-Service Insurance Deduction (ASHI), and the total net payment amount.

COLA letters are made available in MSS approximately the third week of each quarter, i.e. January, April, July, and October. The Fund notifies beneficiaries registered for MSS via email accordingly. Beneficiaries can register for or log into their MSS account here to see their COLA letters.

Making COLA letters available in MSS allows beneficiaries and retirees to get faster and more secure access to their information, eliminating the risks associated with postal services sometimes unreliable. It is also beneficial for the environment by avoiding the printing and dispatching of approximately 50,000 letters across the world every year. In addition, providing COLA letters in a digital format in MSS reduces the risk of misplacement or non-delivery of confidential financial information.

Effective April 2021, the Fund will no longer mail hard copy COLA letters to retirees and beneficiaries who have registered for Member Self-Service (MSS). Those who have not registered for an MSS account will continue to receive a hard copy COLA Letter without any change.

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